Zircon Coating Tooth

In today's dentistry, near-real and natural appearance is offered more than ever. As Uzdent, we are constantly improving ourselves to meet these expectations and to be more active in using the most up-to-date facilities offered by technology.

Among the people, zirconium crowns, which are called "zircon teeth", are the materials of stainless steel strength and natural light refraction of glass porcelain. Thus, we can provide both a solid structure and an aesthetic image in the teeth we cover with zirconium.

Because zirconium coatings can provide a much more superior aesthetic appearance than metal-backed porcelain coatings, zirconium coatings can be used instead of reflecting outside light and providing a natural look.

When a gum that may form in the forward vein starts to be projected in a gray color from the metal gum in the metal-supported porcelain crowns, there is no such problem in the zirconium cores.

Much of the casting and hand work, transfer of the measurements to the computer environment and computer support of the zirconium crown are more compatible with the patient's own tooth than metal-supported porcelain.

For this reason, we recommend zirconium tooth coatings on the bridges or cords in the frontal areas.

                                                                                              Dt. M. Özgün Özsunkar

                                                                                Chief Physician / White Chief Branch Manager
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